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Teething Toes Story: Discovered by a baby. Developed by a mom.

I can’t count the times I have been asked about Teething Toes since the birth of the idea, and I am quite proud to say that most of the reactions I have received have been positive—mainly from mothers who have that “Why-isn’t-there-one-of-these-on-the-market-already?” look on their faces. After the novelty of the conversation fizzles a bit, […]

6 Essentials for Every Diaper Bag

We asked 13 moms about their diaper bag essentials. See if their answers match yours! Change of clothes Accidents do happen, so best be prepared with an extra outfit in case the need arises. Book and or snacks for entertainment Cardboard pictures books are great for reading and chewing! Lightweight bag (with lots of pockets […]