Teething Toes Story: Discovered by a baby. Developed by a mom.

Donna family

I can’t count the times I have been asked about Teething Toes since the birth of the idea, and I am quite proud to say that most of the reactions I have received have been positive—mainly from mothers who have that “Why-isn’t-there-one-of-these-on-the-market-already?” look on their faces.

After the novelty of the conversation fizzles a bit, there are generally several follow-up questions. Do all babies chew on their feet?  What are the benefits of this teether?  When do babies take interest in their feet?  Is it sanitary?  Why feet?!?

I asked myself the same questions when the idea magically landed in my lap 3 years ago.  I was watching my son happily gnaw on his feet and toes one day (right at 4 months old), and I had fallen into somewhat of a daze.  I immediately pulled one of his teething toys apart—one he had little interest in—and sewed it to the end of a sock.  When I slipped it on his foot, he took to it immediately.

Researching the idea further, I learned toe-chewing is a fairly significant milestone—so much in fact, that pediatricians validate the behavior during 6-month well-checks.  My children’s pediatrician explained that they look for this milestone between the ages of 3-6 months, and it can indicate insights around gross and fine motor skills as well as social and emotional development.  He also reassured me that the absence of the activity isn’t something to necessarily be alarmed about.

Here are a few websites with more detail: http://www.parents.com/baby/development/behavioral/the-sweetest-baby-milestones/ http://www.mamashealth.com/child/fourmonths.asp

Teething Toes is designed to benefit all babies in this stage, suitable to fit the feet or even hands of any infant.  Since toe-chewing comes before walking, feet are just as suitable for chewing as hands!  If your baby hasn’t quite gotten the hang of this activity but is near the noted age range, just wait and see.  You’ll likely look up one day to find that he or she has discovered their new favorite chew-toy.

We make Teething Toes with 100% medical and food grade silicone which is BPA, latex, phthalate and toxin free, and can be placed in the freezer prior to use to add an extra tier of teething pain relief.  Clean blankets, play mats, playpens, cribs, car seats or strollers, pair perfectly with Teething Toes.

Another great feature is that when it is time to wash Teething Toes, you can simply throw it in the gentle cycle. When clean, hang to dry.

I lost count the number of times in the grocery store checkout or doctor’s office waiting room I slipped Teething Toes on my son or daughter to keep them occupied.  They worked perfectly with the fact that my babies were suspended from the ground and had easy access to their feet from either the stroller or car seat.  These little gadgets can be a sanity safety-net!

I don’t believe parents will ever stop looking for solutions to teething pain or gadgets that will keep their babies feeling happy and entertained, and I feel confident that Teething Toes will become a quick household favorite.  It’s truly an honor and pleasure to be able to introduce a baby product that I know firsthand, works like a charm.  Enjoy!

By Donna Beavers