Teething Toes Reviews

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We asked moms to send us their Teething Toes reviews – enjoy their reactions!

“I love the versatility of being able to freeze them if I want, and that they fit well in his mouth. He can make the toes go right on those incoming teeth — an improvement on a traditional ring that only fits the front. There is some give to the silicone and it’s maneuverable so it can adjust to his current desire. I like the sock, not because I think I’ll be putting it on his foot…he’s very active…but it’s easy to hang onto. Also I can tuck it under his chest buckle on his car seat so he won’t lose it in the car. The main benefit is hopefully adding relief to his teething process…without sacrificing my own fingers!” – Lisa Jones

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“Its main benefit is that it is a teether attached to a piece of fabric. I have found that babies are drawn to things like blankets, stuffed animals, etc as security objects. Teething Toes is more appealing to them because of the fabric.”  – Katherine Nolasco

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“My son loves his new toy! He pulls his feet to his mouth naturally, so I love that he has a teether there now. I really like that Teething Toes is a sock, there are no other products out there for feet — everything else is hand held. Id say the main benefit to Teething Toes is it gives baby’s sore gums relief while mimicking their natural reflex to grab their feet.” – Kayla Dismore


“I think it’s an ingenious product. I love that it provides babies with a tool that they can use to self-soothe. I purchased one for my niece who is expecting her first child and can’t wait to give it to her.” – Judy Maynard


“It’s an amazing product and my baby’s favorite teething toy.” – Erica Argumaniz

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“I love that the sock fits well enough to be pulled on without coming off. With babies having their feet in their mouth all of the time, it gives them something to really chew on while keeping their socks dry in the winter.” – Carrie Burkey

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“A friend came home from a baby/child expo here in Austin a few months back with two Teething Toes for me to try with our twin daughters. I was honestly a bit skeptical – do babies really put their feet in their mouths? Well… as a new parent, I’m always learning new things, and this week (the girls are now 5 months old) I learned that YES they do! One of our daughters is cutting her second tooth and has started putting her toes in her mouth — so I put both Teething Toes on her, and yep, she went for them!  Fun product & creative idea!” – Becky Laswell


“They’re much easier for him to hold and manipulate than the teething keys he has.” -Allison


“This product is genius! Teething Toes are destined for greatness! Ellie loves them!!!” – Christina McDowell


“Jessi loves her Teething Toes!!!” – Hailey Cofty


“Attention parents with teething kiddos – Teething Toes are here to help! I think any parent out there will tell you that they would buy ANYTHING to lessen their child’s pain while teething. Teething was a hellish experience with our first born {My husband and I are still twitching!} and our knuckles have started turning white at the thought of going through it again with our 8 month old that has just started showing signs of teething. I think this product is brilliant! My daughter has gotten great use out of these teething socks so far.  It’s creative, solves a {BIG} problem, it would make a great gift…it’s all around awesome!” – Kate Marr


“Teething Toes! What a ridiculously awesome idea! Wish that was around when our six kids were little.” – Tim Spicer


“Been very busy with a total of 6 teeth all at once, so these have come in very handy.  I thank u loads!” –  Amber Fry


“These are awesome, Gwenivere loves them so much. I let her play with Teething Toes today and it was the cutest thing ever. Lots of people want to know where I got them from to purchase them.” – Samantha Lams

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“She really got the idea fast. The socks stayed on well…” – Aislinn Jasso-Perez

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“Too cute. Can’t wait till they hit shelves. I am going to buy them for friends’ babies.” – Melissa Horton

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“Thanks for sharing this great item with us! My daughter loves it! I was really surprised at how well the sock stayed on her foot while she chewed on it and I wish that all socks stayed on so well!” – Lauren Barrett

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“Love this product! Great idea!” – Tiffani Edmon

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Totally awesome!  I remember when Khloe was that age… ALL she wanted to do was nibble on her toes, so what a genius idea!!” – Melanie Krochenski

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“I love your idea for teething!” – Joy Leeds


“I gave it to my sister this past weekend at her baby shower. I wanted to let you know that it was the most talked about item, being passed around and oooed and ahhed over. Everyone remarked what a great idea it was, and how many socks it will save from holes being chewed in them!” – Courtney Wigley

“I just wanted to give you thanks for the Teething Toe sock.  My daughter loved it!!!  It stayed on really well and she was really enjoying it!  Thank you so much for this! – Ana Villanueva

“Gave Teething Toes to my client…their son liked it!” – Elizabeth Juline