REVIEW: Car Seat, Affordable, Quality Toddler seat with 5 Point Harness

Good quality toddler booster for the price! We bought this car seat for our three year old and have had it for about four months now. We bought this one because it has a five point harness system, comfortable padding, and was in our budget. Our son seemed to like it much better than his other one.

This one seems softer, the padding feels more like gel padding rather than just cloth. It also converts into a booster seat when he gets older. It is lightweight and easy to secure.  It’s not a pain to transfer between cars like our other car seat, which was bulky and weighed more. The best thing is that this lets him sit lower into the car so his feet aren’t sticking out kicking our seats. Now his feet dangle straight down rather than at an angle which gives him extra room.

We thought we needed a car with more room in the backseat but after switching to this car seat our little boy has more leg room. One thing to be aware of is that the back is high, it makes him sit straight up and I didn’t realize this until he was actually sitting in it. This causes his head to fall forward unless he has a pillow for support.  I thought this would be an issue for sleeping in the car, but as long as he has a pillow he will fall asleep on road trips just fine.  One road trip we went on he slept for two and a half hours straight, so I know it is comfortable enough as long as he has his pillow. Another nice feature is the cup holders. There are two of them within his reach, which is another bonus for road trips. Happy with the purchase.