REVIEW: Durable Car Seat – Easy to Clean

When I was searching for car seats for my first child, 7 years ago, there were so many choices, I had no idea where to even start making a decision.

If I were to be completely honest, I would have to say I choose this seat because I liked the color combination the best. I would not suggest you to make all life’s decision this way, in this instance it proved to work in my favor. This car seat (and the stroller travel system) was a perfect choice for our fast growing family. So perfect, that when it was time to buy another rear facing car seat for baby 3 (because, did you know car seats expire), I went with the same one.

1. Its durable. The fabric has not ripped or hardly worn at all and I easily could have used it for all of my kids.

2. Easy cleaning! After multiple, projectile, bodily fluid incidents, the seat fabric was easy to remove, clean and put back on.

3. No tangle safety restraints. The straps on this seat do not twist around or get tangled, which is helpful for a quick strap in to a resisting toddler. I love the easy pull and release feature – when strapping in your child, simply pull the strap at the bottom and it tightens; when taking your child out, push the button and it loosens.

4. Simple in and out – even the base is simple to install. For the base, you click in the two latches, or strap the seatbelt through the base, set the seat on the base and go. When taking the seat out, the release button is on the back, so it’s a natural spot for hand placement and pulling out of the base.

If I ever need to buy another rear facing seat again, I will continue to buy the this seat.