REVIEW: Navigator Double Jogging Stroller

Awesome double stroller for less than $250!

I bought this stroller because I was having my third child and needed space for a baby and a three-year-old. I was looking for a stroller that was functional and had enough practical features, but wasn’t going to break the bank. The kids aren’t going to live in the stroller!

Here are some of the reasons I chose the InStep stroller after researching MANY others out there.

It has cup holders for both mom and kids. There is also a parent tray on top for storage of small items. Both seats include a five point harness system which makes it easy for babies and older kids to ride. The seats also recline for napping babies and pull straight up easily and stay in place when set upright.

The individual overhead canopies swivel 180-degrees so I can easily move them up and down with one hand while walking or running with the stroller and completely shade the baby.

SMOOTH – This stroller moves very smoothly and is easy to push and handle. It is easy to steer and guide with one hand.

Overall this is a great stroller for the price and well worth purchasing!