6 Essentials for Every Diaper Bag

We asked 13 moms about their diaper bag essentials. See if their answers match yours!

Change of clothes
Accidents do happen, so best be prepared with an extra outfit in case the need arises.

Book and or snacks for entertainment
Cardboard pictures books are great for reading and chewing!

Lightweight bag (with lots of pockets that zip closed!)
With a baby in tow and all their accessories (blankets, carrier, etc), you carry enough ‘stuff’ already, so why add to the load with a hefty bag? Some moms mentioned to look for a bag that functions like a backpack to free up your hands.

Be sure to pack the unscented variety as well to clean up unexpected messes. And yes, I’m pleased to say, grape boogie wipes is a real thing.

For a lot of babies, the binky truly is a great way to calm down a fussy kid. Probably because it offers a welcome distraction, I’ve seen first hand with my niece and nephews the soothing effect binkies have to turn cries into sweet hums.

Okay, this one seems totally obvious, but sometimes when you’re in a hurry it can be easy to forget to restock, so remember the diapers. Check out the brand one of our moms recommends.

And let’s not forget a Teether!

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