Teething Toes is a sock with soft, bite-sized silicone toes to ease teething pains. 

A baby teether designed by a mom to help babies self-soothe.

Teething can be rough on babies, whose cute little gum lines begin to show teeth. It can be rough on parents too, coping with fewer sleep hours to comfort tears away.


Teething Toes baby

  • Sock gives my baby easy access to self-sooth.  

  • Fits any size (foot or hand)

  • More surface to chew – without sacrificing my fingers

  • Soft food-grade silicone for a better gum massage

  • Mimics my baby’s natural behavior to chew her toes

  • Package includes one piece

Teething Toes features and benefits

The Teething Toes baby teether

Our baby teether, Teething Toes, is designed to meet CPSC standards and has been tested with a US-based lab to ensure the product is materially safe. Teething Toes has been used by hundreds of babies, lending a toe to soothe away infant teething pains. Teething Toes is washable. The durable silicone toe piece is securely sewn to the striped sock which, turned inside out, can be dropped in the wash for cleaning.  Teething Toes can also be placed in the freezer to chill the silicone and further offer relief for teething pain (if you’re concerned about the cold, add a second sock on baby’s hand or foot to buffer the cooler Teething Toe sock).

Teething Toes supports moms with breast cancer

Proceeds from Teething Toes will support the Rapunzel Project and their effort to help chemotherapy patients keep their hair during treatment.